2016 Convention Awards

Chapter On Target Award

The On Target Award is A.O.E.’s most prestigious award.  It symbolizes everything an ideal Chapter should be.  It is not an easy award to win.  There are many requirements involving submission of all paperwork, hosting of events, attendance at such events, recruitment for Chapter, and keeping alumnae and faculty involved and informed.  This year’s recipient worked especially hard at this, and has earned a combined score of 635 out of a possible 670 total points.  They are a role model to all other Chapters.  Congratulations to the Gamma Chapter from North Carolina State University this year’s recipient of the 2016 On Target Award.

Chapter Rookie On Target 2016

The Rookie On Target Award targets Chapters that have been installed for less than two years.  The criteria is the same as the On Target Award, however, it gives new Chapters a chance to lay the Foundations of their Chapter while still having the chance to compete for an award. This year’s award goes to the Chapter who had a combined score of 598 out of 670.  This Chapter had excellent On Time submission of all IEB paperwork and had great attendance at all of the events. The 2016 Rookie On Target Award goes to the Beta Xi Chapter of Washington University in St. Louis!

Chapter Most Improved On Target 2016

The Most Improved On Target Award goes to the Chapter who has made the greatest leap in score from last year to this year.  This winning Chapter stands out by increasing their score by 185 points!  This Chapter really stepped up this year, meeting deadlines and hosting a wide variety of events.  Congratulations to the Epsilon Chapter for the most improved On Target Score!

Chapter Scholastic Achievement 2016

GPA: 3.60, improvement of 0.3 from last year. 

Award goes to Beta Mu Chapter from Drexel University

Also going to Beta Rho Chapter from University of Alabama for the same GPA

Chapter Service Award 2016

The winners of the Service Award have been extremely busy giving of themselves and making their world a better place.  

Averaged 28.52 service hours per person!  

Service Activities Include:

Animal Shelter Visits, Food Pantry Visits, Knitting for Homeless, JDRF Gala, Linus Blanket, Relay for Life, German Club’s MidWinters, Delta Gammas Anchorsplash, Phi Kappa Tau’s Luau, Phi Dye, AchiOs Mock Rock Philanthropy, Boxes for Troops, Haunted House Can Drive, Take it to the Max, VT Shack-a-thon

Winner Rho Chapter from Virginia Tech

Almost 3000 hours total!

Chapter Professional Award 2016

Averaging 11.65 hours per member in professional activities

Activities Include: Resume Workshop, Engineering Breakfast Mixer, Engineering Career Fair, Pre-Conference Workshop, Interview Prep, Diversity Panel, Sexual Assault Awareness in the Workplace, Career Fair Prep, Presentation Skills Workshop and Engineer Your Future Panel

Winner Beta Theta Chapter from Stoneybrook University

Totaling 272 hours

Chapter Outreach Award

Averaging 8.05 hours per person

Activities Include: Ready Set Go and GEMS

Winner: Omega Chapter from South Dakota State University

Totaling 184 hours

Chapter Campus Council Award

Averaging 8.42 hours per person

Activities Include: Greek Retreat, Greek Picnic, and Greek Games

Winner: Beta Chapter from South Dakota School of Mines

Totaling 272 hours

Chapter Sisterhood Award

Averaging 74 hours per person

Activities Include: Sister Supper, Taco Night, Valentine Card Making, Stress Ball Making Finger Painting, Stole Making, Movie Night, Glow stick Night, Thanksgiving Supper, Cookbook, Pot Luck

Winner: Delta Chapter from Milwaukee School of Engineering

Totaling over 800 hours!


Volunteer of the Year Award

Congratulations to the 2016 Volunteer of the Year Award Recepient: Maryann Fichera! Volunteering is a large part of Alpha Omega Epsilon and the Sorority would not exist without the help from its members.  

Maryann is always willing to help out with anything the IEB has asked of her. I’ve volunteered with her on the promissory note committee and she has gotten all of her chapters done quickly and then asked for more. When a call for volunteers came out for the database updates, she didn’t hesitate to raise her hand to help out. 

“She does not hesitate or wait to be asked to get involved.”

“It can be a challenge to step in to advise a chapter you do not know at all, but she has done a great job of forming a trust with the chapter.”

“Maryann has reviewed more bylaws than anyone else on the committee and always volunteers to review them in a timely fashion.”

“She has volunteered as Alumna Advisor for Xi Chapter, Judiciary Committee, Risk Management Committee, Promissory Note Committee, and is new our new IEB Secretary.”

Emerging Leaders Award

The Emerging Leader in Alpha Omega Epsilon Award is offered to graduating seniors (receiving a diploma and becoming an alumna) nominated by their chapter recognizing outstanding contributions to the sorority, community, and profession. Alpha Omega Epsilon prides itself on the leadership abilities of its members, and encourages further development of those skills post-graduation.

Congratulations to the 2016 Emerging Leaders: Ellie Kennedy, Kristie Soliman, Laura Switzer, and Sulisse Munich.