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Please join me in welcoming Lily Aung as the new East Regional Advisor and Beth Elliot as the new South Regional Advisor.

What to find out what happened at convention? Check out this video and read through the recap presentation.









Active Member Expulsion Agreement

Candidate Dismissal Agreement

Chapter Bylaw Edit Template

Expense Report Form

Promissory Note Agreement

Risk Management Signatory Page

Voluntary Resignation Request


Risk Management Support Form

Has any Risk Management violations or unsafe behavior occured at a Chapter event? Have you or a sister felt bullied or hazed? Please submitted a Risk Management Support Form so that these instances can be investigated and remedied. This form can be submitted unanimously. 

Risk Management Support Form



Chapter Material Order Forms

Plan to receive badges and materials within 7 business days of order. Membership Certificates and Chapter Carters are custom ordered and delivery time will vary. If you have any questions about your order, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Badges Pins, and Dangles

Membership Certificates

Replace Chapter Charter

Ritual Materials



Calling All Membership Educators

 Find all information needed for candidate education here: weekly education schedule, candidate quizzes, and day away information

Candidate Education

Mem Ed Handbook


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Payment Form

Payment Form Canada

Financial Audit


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Event Planning Form

Event Planning Google Form

JRFavor PDF Event Planning Form

Certificate of Insurance Form


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On Target Report




Officer Transition Checklists

Developing an Officer Transition Plan

President Transition Packet

President Transition Checklist

Vice President Transition Packet

Vice President Transition Checklist



Secretary Transition Packet

Secretary Transition Checklist

Treasurer Transition Packet

Treasurer Transition Checklist

Membership Educator Transition Packet

Membership Educator Transition Checklist

Training Guides



Chapter Requirements & Privileges

Guide to Fundraising

Fundraising: Let's Make Some Money!

How to Delegate

Insurance - Q&A

Potential New Members


Risk Managment

Robert's Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order - Handout

Values Based Recruitment

Alumnae Chapter Officer Resources


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(Links to Forms)
Event Planning Form
Certificate of Insurance Form


Paperwork Deadlines
Convention Dates


Welcome A.O.E. Members!


Stay tuned here for important messages and future updates!

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